Flick Of The Wrist - Lyrics

Flick of The Wrist
Music: Margot Saites, Lyrics: William Saites

Lawyers and courts, you’re not my judge
Restraining order wasn’t for a nudge
It’s not easy, cutting all ties
Now I take solace from my allies
You slander my name, but I’m alright
You’re the one who’s out all night

A flick of the wrist, signs my freedom
A flick of the wrist, released from your kingdom
A flick of the wrist, dissolves all my pain
A flick of the wrist, and lets me breathe again (x 2)

Took a while to break me down
Discarded like a tarnished crown
I found out just what it’s like
A loving day in your third Reich
Living with you, blinded my vision
Obeyed as law your every decision

Rep Chorus

With pen in hand, now you plead
The ink is drying, now you bleed
Changed the locks, persona non gratis
Single and interesting, my new status
Older and wiser I forge ahead
My love for you is finally dead.

Rep Chorus

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