I Wanna Make It Work - Lyrics

I Wanna Make It Work
Music: Margot Saites, Lyrics: William Saites

Another morning after, a new start to make
We say I love you, but it’s sounding so fake
Our contempt must stop, forever right now
Actions are needed, to live up to our vow
Being with you, I’m still feeling the spark
Bitter minds grow in places that are dark

We can fix this, if we give it a chance
I’m thinking of you, my true romance
Hopes and dreams, not born in haste
I wanna make it work
You feed my senses, sight, sound & taste

Said we loved each other; I’m still in that place
This animosity has to fade without a trace
We battle each other, but we’re on the same side
Truth in commitment can turn the tide
Clearing of my mind, negativity takes flight
Demons are released; when you hold me tight

Rep Chorus

Saving kind words that you needed to hear
It’s like cleansing a heart with a single tear
Breaking through those walls built to protect
Shadows of doubt disappear with respect
Controlling you, never one of my goals
Mutual understanding, good for our souls

Rep Chorus

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