Condition Critical - Lyrics

Condition Critical
Music: Margot Saites, Lyrics: William Saites

Breaking news, breaking my resistance
Misplaced passions marred his existence
Heady times, a remarkable journey
Hook him up with another attorney
Too many millions with a child’s mind
A shocking vision, be kind and rewind

Condition critical, he couldn’t resist
Condition critical, he couldn’t desist
Condition critical, he couldn’t relate
Condition critical, he couldn’t deviate
Lived and loved, styling’s hypocritical
Could not turn back, situation critical

Open your hearts, now he’ll find his way
Conflicting genes, led him astray
Legend is made from what he exhibits
Moral dilemma’s, he failed to inhibit
Too many years he was lost as a child
Top much good work undone and reviled

Rep Chorus

Remember a man, who couldn’t face the mirror
Self-righteous honours as the end crept nearer
His sweet voice extolled a rare virtue
Innocence believed that he wouldn’t hurt you
Too many naïve unrepentant denials
Now bereaved we free you with smiles

Rep Chorus

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