Steeple Hands - Lyrics

Steeple Hands
Music: Margot Saites, Lyrics: William Saites

Tell me who’s that guy, He makes me walk a little taller
When I look to the sky, Costs me another dollar
Happy me singing the blues
Ignorant to a massive ruse

Leap of faith, off your tether
Steeple hands come together
On my knees, slaved by your might
Flash of brilliance, I see the light
The word’s the word
Just in case you haven’t heard

I speak to you in tongues, It’s our holy understanding
Or just deflating my lungs, I need lessons in branding
All I want is your opinion
Happy to be one in a minion

Rep Chorus

He makes my body quiver. It’s a feeling we all know
With a message to deliver, Just handover the dough
Evil lurks in the gardens we sow
Still better here than down below

Rep Chorus

When it’s time to choose a side, I’ll give you a clue
Where the theories collide, It’s not hard to misconstrue
We’re born with innocent wonder
Don’t let religion steal your thunder

Rep Chorus

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