Fairytales - Lyrics

Music: Margot Saites, Lyrics: William Saites

I’m sorry darling for memories that remain
I’m sorry darling for the hate I ingrain
I take all the blame, it’s my cross to bear
For the lifetime that I failed to share
Fragments of time, all I have to cherish
My loving intentions, will never diminish

Fairytales, carousels and bedtime stories
Learning and living for all your glories
Giggles and smiles, I got in return
These are the times for which I yearn

It’s not easy to set love aside
We all know the rules, I couldn’t abide
Your warmth has given me respite
Speaking of you still makes me uptight
I live in hope of recasting the mould
Slowly building new tales to be told

Rep Chorus

Redemption is hard and unpleasant
Your casting shadow looms omnipresent
All I know is I didn’t see it coming
Afraid to sleep, my dreams are numbing
Not the way I choose to remember
Is there any way to fan this ember?

Rep Chorus

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