It's You I'm Coming To - Lyrics

It’s You I’m Coming To
Music: Margot Saites, Lyrics: William Saites

The darkening sky brings on the night
Shivers and tingles I’ll be holding you tight
Hurry up sailor my mans waiting on me
Money talks, I’ll just leave with my fee
Science or fiction believe what you like
Needless conversation huh? Take a hike

It’s you I’m coming to, I’m coming to
Telling you baby, lovin’s on my mind,
Kissin’ and huggin’ such a fine way to start
I’m your woman and you own my heart
It’s you I’m coming to, I’m coming to
It’s you I’m coming to, I’m coming to

Can’t hurry enough to get by your side
Honey if knew my lust you’d make me your bride
Karma sutra movements are the lessons I taught
I’m your teacher watch this havoc I wrought
Burning the highways gets me in the mood
Hang on baby it’s our time to be rude

Rep Chorus

Flashing lights mixed with thumping beats
Melts my inhibition between the sheets
With our love we could write the book
Skin on skin now that’s how I love to cook
Coming in fast, now heavy foot on the brake
Throw open those arms I got all you can take

Rep Chorus (x 2)

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